The Institute of Banking

With over 35,000 members, the Institute works hard to engage meaningfully with their members. We've helped them measure and strengthen their members' experience.

The Institute of Banking is the professional education body for the financial services industry and has over 35,000 members. A client of both W5 and Genesis, the Institute is a good example of how we work with our sister company to complement and add value to each other’s core competencies.

In 2012, as part of a strategic review and brand development project led by Genesis, we conducted an online survey of the Institute’s members to understand and assess their membership experience. We also conducted research with consumers into their experience and expectation of the banking professionals.

We repeated the membership survey in 2014, benchmarking these results against those from two years previously. We were very happy to report that membership experience, which the Institute had worked hard to change, had improved significantly – with an outstanding leap of NPS score.

"W5, working with Genesis, have been a significant resource and support to us. They have helped us to measure and understand what’s important to our members. More than that, they helped us to consider and deliver transformative change."
Kevin Gallen Deputy CEO,
The Institute of Banking


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