Gas Networks Ireland

We've worked with Gas Networks Ireland since 2007 measuring their performance and providing the insight to help them deliver an awardwinning service.

We are proud of our long standing partnership with Gas Networks Ireland. We began working with them in 2007 and over the years Gas Networks Ireland have succeeded in putting customer care at the heart of everything they do.

Our work involves a comprehensive assessment of their performance across every touchpoint with both personal and business customers. In turn, we engage their employees through a satisfaction survey which helps identify their challenges in providing excellent customer service. Our work comes together when we lead customer experience days with Gas Networks Ireland teams to review and refine their customer experience based on the information we gather and the insights we offer.

Does our work get results? The easy answer is yes! Gas Networks Ireland’s NPS improved by 15 points in 2014.

In 2015 we were delighted that together with Gas Networks Ireland we won the prestigious Confirmit Achievement in Customer Excellence Award for our customer experience measurement programme. 

"W5 has helped us develop a customer-centric culture that is delivering significant benefits in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and overall business performance. It has helped us put customer feedback at the heart of our improvement processes so that we are more able to exceed expectations."
Bernard Mooney Customer Care Manager,
Gas Networks Ireland


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