Department of Social Protection

We have worked with the Department of Social Protection since 2015 when together we designed, built and managed a rolling satisfaction programme for jobseekers.

The programme informs the Department’s efforts to continually improve customer services. The programme was expanded in 2016 to allow assessment of the long-term unemployed jobseekers’ satisfaction with service providers Seetec and Turas Nua.

"The job seeker satisfaction programme has been successful in many aspects: It accurately captures the opinions of jobseekers in a cost effective way that preserves their anonymity. It has been successful in engaging Departmental staff in the strategy to deliver more customer centric service for jobseekers. Most importantly customised feedback mechanisms deliver interactive tools for Departmental managers (in particular, through live, on-line dashboards) through which the Department can inform and improve its services, helping customers on their journey to regain employment and ultimately to improve their standard of living."
Dr. Kasey Treadwell Shine Activation and Employment Policy,
Department of Social Protection


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