We worked alongside Allianz supporting the development of a road map to customer centricity.

Customer is at the centre of the Allianz strategy.

In order to realise the benefits of their customer centric strategy, Allianz recognised the need to make sure that the brand promises being made by the business are realised by the customer’s actual on the ground experience and that the organisation is set up operationally to deliver on this. 

We designed and mobilised a programme of work to generate a road map to customer centricity. 

The programme of work built on the intelligence already existing in the business and importantly engaged key stakeholders and employees in the creation of the road map thus gaining their support and commitment to implementation. The work included an audit of Allianz’s Customer centricity maturity allowing benchmarking of progress moving forward, world café style workshops as well employee CX readiness benchmarking. 

"W5 extensive experience in CX transformation strategy formulation and implementation was a key factor in the success of our customer centricity workplan. Their process of stakeholder engagement through all stages of the process was very effective and the customer centricity summit a real success in securing the Senior management team ‘buy in’ to the customer centricity agenda. The CX audit is a key deliverable allowing us to track progress over time "
Terri McCarthy Head of Customer Experience Insights and Analytics,


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