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Customer experience measurement

Customers always have an experience: good, bad or indifferent. The challenge is to create experiences for them that deliver on the promise of your brand and go beyond their expectations. Measuring the ‘as is’ customer experience, whether through voice of the customer programmes, mystery shopping or journey mapping, is often a first step along the path to creating distinctive customer experiences. 


Voice of the customer

We’ve been specialising in voice of the customer (VoC) measurement since we started.   Our awardwinning programmes have helped clients in sectors such as finance, telecoms, utilities, public services understand and improve the experience they offer their customers.  As an independent agency, we are platform and approach agnostic. Each programme we develop is tailor-made to suit your needs, capabilities and culture, using the very latest technology.  And always informed by what you want to achieve for your brand. 

Made to measure

When it comes to the design and management of VoC programmes, one size does not fit all.  We use the platform, measurement metrics and analysis tools best suited to you. Our programmes are tailor-made.

Flexible working arrangements

We’re flexible about how we work with you: whether you outsource your VoC programme in entirety to us or use us as a platform while you build the understanding and skills to manage VoC internally. 

Dashboards designed for you

Our easy-to-read dashboards are custom-designed to feedback the right information to the right people in the right way at the right time. 

Trouble free back office

We do the heavy lifting to ensure your customer lead files are accurate and we help you stay compliant with data protection and information security rules. 

Insight and impact

Customer experience measurement is a science and an art. We combine technical measurement skills with the ability to offer creative solutions and to engage at every level of your organisation. 

Pilot to perfect

We recommend pilot VoC programmes to ensure all systems and processes work to deliver the metrics and insights you need.  Pilots evidence the power of VoC and help build internal commitment.

Rock solid reliability

We've supported our clients to improve and increase NPS across almost all their customer journeys. Our systems and software have never left us down.  

Service recovery

We feedback in real time about disgruntled customers, allowing you to take prompt action and recover the service you offer. 

Our Voice of the Customer toolkit:
Multi-channel surveys - online, face-to-face, telephone, SMS, IVR, tablet and social media
Driver analysis
Text analytics

Mystery Shopping

We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to assess their experience of your brand.


Journey Mapping

We plot all aspects of a customer’s journey and audit their experience along the way

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