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Employee engagement

To win the hearts and minds of customers, your first have to build the enthusiasm and commitment of employees. We discuss this a lot with our clients. The cause and effect is easily understood but making it happen, meaningfully and effectively, can be challenging.

We work with clients to devise a programme of engagement that will meet their needs, match their resources and reach everyone in their organisation.   We use our experience and expertise to keep it simple and authentic. 

Our approach

We start by exploring what customer-centricity means for you and how ready you are to embrace or progress putting the customer at the heart of all that you do.  We also seek to understand the culture of your organisation and how your employees experience and show your brand in action. With this insight, we create a programme  tailored to meet your needs, match your culture and permeate your business. 

Made to measure

We spend time getting to know your people, exploring how your brand and values show up at work and assessing your current customer focus, so we can design a bespoke programme that fits you perfectly. 

Top to toe

We help you reach and engage with people at every level within your organisation, from the call centre to the C-suite, to ensure customer-centricity is sustained and prioritised internally.

Passion and purpose

Engagement is about purpose, passion and people. We help your people put the customer at the heart of all that they do.  We explain why. We explore how. We inspire enthusiastic ownership.  

Our employee engagement toolkit:
Stakeholder interviews
Stop and think seminars
Employee experience surveys
Customer experience committees
World café style workshops
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