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Customer experience design

Let’s be honest. Creating exceptional customer experiences takes a considerable amount of time and effort.  But research and experience tells us that, if you create and sustain great experiences for your customers, it reaps significant rewards for your business: enhancing and differentiating your brand, reducing churn, increasing revenue and employee satisfaction.

Our approach

We make the process of designing customer experiences that enhance and differentiate your brand and benefit your customers, as simple as possible.  In an initial discovery stage, we help you build a deep understanding of your customers and what’s important to them and review the internal processes, capabilities and commitment you need to succeed.  With this insight, we help you map the ideal customer journey and design experiences that you can achieve to support your brand and delight your customers.

Made to measure

We help you design customer experiences that fit your customers' needs and expectations as well as your brand, values, culture and capabilities.

Making it real

We help you create, through words and images, holistic pen pictures of your customers that really bring them to life as individuals.

Intelligence inside and out

We gather the information and insight we need to create exceptional experiences from your customers and your customer facing staff.

What matters most

We sift through the noise and clutter of information, needs and expectations, to get to what matters most to your customers.   

Brand led

Whatever we do must be informed by, support and strengthen your brand. It's as categorical and as simple as that. 

Fit with your culture and capabilities

Under promise. Over deliver.  With these words in mind, we help you look realistically at what you can achieve and make sure that it matches your culture. 

Our Customer experience design toolkit:
Pen pictures
In-depth interviews
Root cause interviews
Focus groups
Expectation mapping
Journey mapping
World café style workshops
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