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Omnichannel customer experience solutions to transform your business performance

Explore our framework for CX transformation

Managing your customer experience (CX) is not just about owning it, it’s about putting the customer at the centre of everything you and your business does - both online and offline. You need to blend the two (for omnichannel customer experiences), which requires design. Before that, you need a clear and well-planned customer experience framework

At W5, we know the huge potential in practising purposeful customer experience management. You have an opportunity to design interventions and outcomes to transform your organisation and deliver unique brand journeys and customer experiences.

Providing omnichannel customer experience solutions

W5 will help you develop meaningful customer experiences, embedded across your business. Organisations are living, growing, changing; an ecosystem of participants and connections between them. To manage this ecosystem, you must manage the parts, participants and their interconnections.

We’ll empower you to succeed with purposeful customer experience design using our seven CX pillars. Learn about these proven omnichannel customer experience solutions below:

design & action

Design & action

Customer-centricity and experience management must be purposeful. Valuable experiences mean something to the customer whilst delivering on business goals. We provide omnichannel customer experience solutions and help you design meaningful connections.



Customer feedback programmes are a vital source of insight to compliment learnings gained from other sources, including behavioural data. Linking this to business and operational data ensures you maximise ROI. We deliver best-in-class Voice of the Customer programmes to help you truly connect with your existing and future customers.



Teams and the people within them need to deliver omnichannel customer experiences that add value and help the business thrive. Each must know their roles, buy into them and address the functional/emotional requirements of customers. We help employees gain a deeper connection with customers to bring experiences to life.



A defined customer experience governance structure will entrench customer-centricity as part of your organisation’s DNA, beyond a one-off project and towards a way of working. We’ll guide you through the CX transformation and elevate your organisation’s capabilities.

envision & strategise

Envision and Strategise

We help businesses to design and develop a robust customer experience strategy framework that infuses the needs, challenges and behaviours of the customer into everything you do.



It’s your organisation's culture that will determine whether you achieve your strategic ambitions. Culture is critical and it needs active management. Leadership is imperative. We’ll guide you in how to build the right culture and manage the change required to implement it.



Truly understanding customers better equips you to make choices and design solutions to meet customer needs. We help you to gain a deep understanding of your customers and stakeholders to enable anticipation and preparation for the future.

Our approach to transforming customer experience

Our team always starts by listening to your aspirations, then we stress test them against market and internal realities, diagnose issues and challenge your direction. We reimagine what could be, propose solutions and test them quickly.

We measure impact against purpose, revise as needed, at pace. Our CX transformation approach is structured and collaborative. Here’s a view of how this works below:

Don't just listen to what we say...hear from our clients!

"W5 streamlined and presented our customer feedback in an intuitive and easy to navigate format. This was key for eir Business as we needed all of our stakeholders to have our customers' feedback at the click of a button. W5 have delivered a terrific programme which continues to be rolled out at pace."

Liz Hickey

Head of Research & Insights, eir Business

“W5’s extensive experience in CX transformation strategy formulation and implementation was a key factor in the success of our customer-centricity work plan. Their process of stakeholder engagement through all stages of the process was very effective and the Customer-centricity summit was a real success in securing the senior management team ‘buy-in’ to the customer-centricity strategy. The CX audit is a key deliverable allowing us to track progress over time"

Terri McCarthy

Head of Customer Experience Insights and Analytics
gas-networks-ireland-seeklogo 1

"W5 has helped us develop a customer-centric culture that is delivering significant benefits in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and overall business performance. It has helped us put customer feedback at the heart of our improvement processes so that we are more able to exceed expectations."

Bernard Mooney

Customer Care Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

"The Voice of the Customer programme has resulted in valuable insights being shared with us on a monthly basis. Before the implementation of the programme, we were developing continuous improvement initiatives in the hope that they would improve the customer service experience. Since the implementation of the programme, we are armed with evidence-based insights, which direct us to specific checkpoints in the customer journey. Our continuous improvements initiatives are now targeted at the most appropriate activities, resulting in a much-improved customer experience.”

Yvonne Harris

Head of Customer Operations

"With W5 you don't just get a custom-made, first class, feedback measurement programme, you also get a really experienced team in all aspects of CX management and measurement. Learning from them and bringing that understanding back into our business has been a key benefit."

Allison Payne

Client Experience and Complaints Manager

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