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Envision & Strategise: Customer experience strategy framework

Managing the customer experience is not about owning it, it’s about infusing the customer into everything you do. This needs design. Before that, it needs a customer experience strategy framework with clear ambitions.

Customer-centricity is an enabler of your organisation’s ambitions, including making it easy, efficient and effective for your customers and you. At a higher level, it helps you gain a competitive advantage, to attract and retain customers by connecting with them, functionally and emotionally.

How W5 helped Allianz develop a customer experience strategy roadmap

We worked with Allianz to help them embed customer-centricity across their organisation.

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Our Envision & Strategise solutions in focus

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Customer-centricity and experience management require purposeful action. We can support you to move with agility and adaptability. Diagnose, aspire, test, learn, implement, repeat, within a strategic framework.

While customer experience spans both digital and physical worlds, effective management can rapidly advance your digital transformation. Good user experience doesn’t necessarily equal good customer experience.

We bridge the divide with a customer experience strategy.

When you work with W5, we help you to establish a strategic framework that brings together all the key areas that influence customer experience to guide your organisation’s future decision-making, actions and direction.
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Clients we've helped

We helped AIB Merchant Services to significantly reduce churn by rolling out our award-winning customer-centricity programme.
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We worked alongside Allianz supporting the development of a road map to customer centricity.
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We've worked with Gas Networks Ireland since 2007 measuring their performance and providing the insight that led them to deliver an award-winning service.
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The W5 team coached and trained ESB Networks in CX strategy and implementation to help them overcome key challenges and identify opportunities to improve experiences.
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Our customer journey mapping for Dublin Bus put its customers at the centre of operations and helped to breed a unified customer-first culture.
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By focusing on the voice of the customer, we enabled Jameson Whiskey to understand the impact of its visitor experience and boost NPS.
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Our CX strategy design and customer feedback programme helped eir to improve NPS, reduce churn rate and boost customer acquisition.
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By mining data to unveil deep customer insights, we helped Norwegian to address key customer issues, leading to the airline winning a Best Customer Service award.
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We design and built a VoC programme to help Irish Water better understand customer behaviours and carry out continuous CX improvement initiatives.
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