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Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme case study: Jameson Whiskey

Creating an amazing visitor experience by focusing on the voice of the customer

about jameson whiskey

Jameson Whiskey was established in 1780 and is now one of Ireland’s and world’s largest whiskey distillers, and a part of the Pernod Ricard group. To preserve and foster the well-established brand legacy, Jameson opened its Brand Home, Bow St Distillery experience to the public in 1997 to welcome whiskey lovers from around the world. It has since welcomed over four million visitors

1. The challenge

To keep the visitor at the centre of the experience, Pernod Ricard and Jameson wanted to truly understand the visitor experience by actively seeking feedback and to use this to identify the opportunities for improvement and evaluate the impact of the experience on the brand and the customer’s purchase and engagement behaviour. The feedback and opportunities had to cater to the multinational, multilingual and multicultural nature of the customer and would be used to support development of Jameson Brand Homes across the globe.

2.  How W5 helped to roll out an effective VoC programme

To judge the impact that visiting the Bow St Distillery has on customer behaviour, we needed to gain key information and insights. This included capturing the visitor’s relationship with the brand before their visit (to establish a benchmark) and then learn the immediate and lasting impact of visiting on their behaviour. 
Since Bow St welcomes visitors from all over the world, we built a VoC programme (‘Voice of the Customer’) that was accessible in several languages. It was important to achieve strong response rates across each stage of the research, so we designed user-friendly surveys (for all devices) and encouraged visitors to be involved. Participant recruitment was enabled through integration between the Bow St booking systems (online and visitor centre) and our VoC research platform. Additionally, some visitors to Bow St, who walk in off the street, were invited to participate through interviewer-administered surveys (using iPads). 
The data was delivered to the Bow St team staff using an online dashboard, which not only allowed them to monitor visitor experience across multiple KPIs in real-time but also helped bring the customer to life for all employees, ultimately embedding customer centricity and service excellence across all levels of Bow St’s DNA.

3. Results

Throughout our involvement, the Bow St. Distillery experience has seen consistently strong customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS), outperforming the industry average scores across Tourism and Leisure businesses in the UK and winning industry awards. Additionally, the robust, longitudinal design of the VoC programme helped us provide evidence that the Brand Home concept supports brand-building, advocacy and drinks consumption.
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