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Customer-centric culture case study: Gas Networks Ireland (GNI)

Building a customer-centric culture through customer listening and understanding

about Gas networks ireland

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) owns, operates, builds and maintains the natural gas network in Ireland and connects all new gas customers to the network. Their core purpose is to ensure that all personal and commercial customers receive a safe, efficient and secure supply of natural gas, 24 hours a day.

1. The challenge

The GNI ecosystem centres on an outsourced business model. It demands strong collaboration between stakeholders, business and personal customers. Growth is important to GNI, as is ensuring it meets mandatory standards set by the Commission for Energy Regulation. So, achieving success meant being able to truly understand the diverse stakeholders and consistently deliver against their needs and expectations and the positioning of GNI.

2.  How W5 helped Gas Networks Ireland

Our journey with Gas Networks Ireland began in 2007, empowering them to leverage customer-centricity as a key strategic pillar to achieve their objectives. We closely partner with the internal Customer Experience team to support their work across many competencies and capabilities that are necessary for success.

Central to the early and continuing success of their initiatives has been the design, mobilisation and management of a bespoke, always-on customer listening programme, which delivers a 360⁰ view of GNI and all service providers’ performance. The programme is a performance management and engagement programme for all stakeholders, allowing easy identification of pain points in the customer journey and identification of opportunities for improvement with responsibilities clearly identifiable.

An insight-to-action programme embeds a systemic capability to analyse, share and act on feedback, driving improved customer service with support from employees, service providers and leadership. This is a truly customer-centric culture.


3. Results

Our partnership has positively impacted the GNI business in three key areas:
  • Company Culture - as a company with a traditional engineering lens on operations, the listening programme has succeeded in moving the customer closer to the heart of decision-making, impacting numerous operational and strategic projects. 
  • Journey level impacts - every year since the commencement of the programme GNI has improved customer sentiment on key journeys.
  • Cost savings - the efficiency savings have been significant, for example, a 37% reduction in inbound calls.

What Gas Networks Ireland said about the project

"W5 has helped us develop a customer-centric culture that is delivering significant benefits in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and overall business performance. It has helped us put customer feedback at the heart of our improvement processes so that we are more able to exceed expectations."

Bernard Mooney
Customer Care Manager, Gas Networks Ireland
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