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Customer experience transformation case study: Allied Irish Banks (AIB)

Using customer understanding to design transformative experiences

about allied irish banks

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is one of the ‘Big Four’ commercial banks in Ireland. AIB offers a full range of personal, business and corporate banking services. After the financial crisis, AIB committed to an ambitious customer-centric strategy as the key long-term focus for the bank.

1. The challenge

Differentiation in retail banking, as in other sectors, is increasingly difficult, as technological advances democratise the availability of many service capabilities for users across brands.  Customer experience is where there’s a real opportunity to gain that differentiation and one which AIB was keen to exploit.

2.  How W5 helped Allied Irish with customer experience transformation

We developed a ‘Customer Pulse’ protocol to allow AIB to identify those experiences that positively and strongly differentiate the brand on customer experience, particularly on emotional impact. The protocol involved the collection of psychological and customer-reported feedback to support customer experience transformation efforts.

3. Results

The project enabled the AIB CX department to truly stand in the shoes of customers and learn more about how to move beyond satisfying customers to truly connecting with them and delivering transformative customer experiences.
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