Our Research Method

Our Research Method


W5 believes in the importance of collecting customer feedback across multiple sales and service channels to deliver a more representative and insightful feedback programme. Most companies interact with their customers through a multitude of different channels which offer enormous potential to integrate customer feedback into existing processes.

Each approach has different benefits and constraints which mean careful consideration should be given to choosing the survey, W5 offers the ability to collect feedback from multiple datapoints and channels. Including;

  • Online Survey – Email invitations to an online Survey with a unique web link linking their responses to you own data.
  • Telephone Survey – CATI capture feedback via telephone
  • SMS Text – Respondents receive a SMS text seeking their feedback on a moment of truth
  • IVR – Short survey collecting feedback immediately after the telephone sales or service interaction


To us, the approach to your business or market research problem is where every project must start. Once we determine what the real issues are, we will turn to our tool box, to select the most appropriate market research methods. We use one of the world’s most powerful and most widely used market research systems. By using the very latest advances in online research our system can bring together online and offline sources of data to provide powerful analysis as the research is being collected.

As a customer of W5 you will have access to real time dash board reporting on your project. Here is a sample of how this might look.
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Live Data Displaycustomer callback

Our Research Tool Box

For your project we may use one or a combination of the following research methods:

Mystery Shopping Online Surveys
Email Surveys Focus Groups
In-depth Customer Interviews Face-to-face Interviews
Customer Diaries Touchscreen Surveys
Co-Invention Workshops Telephone Interviews